Fifth Floor’s Debut EP!

“Life ain’t always beautiful but it’s a beautiful ride” – Gary Allan

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As many of you have pointed out June is set to be a great month of releases in Country Music, starting with Maren Morris who released her album Hero on Friday and Brandy Clark who is set to release her album this coming Friday. However it is not just the US acts who are feeling musical in the month of June, there is a lot of action from our UK based acts as well. Tomorrow, Fifth Floor, a country duo originally from Sweden but residing in London shall release their debut EP at a launch on Battersea Barge with fellow Country act Kaity Rae supporting. So if you have nothing to do tomorrow night, or even if you do have plans, cancel them and get yourself to Battersea Barge. In the meantime read about what to expect on the EP below!

It opens well with an upbeat, feisty number “You’re Not In The Picture Anymore” the chorus in this song is strong and catchy and the hook is a popular saying, making the song relatable. The high energy track with its typical Country Pop production gives us a real insight into what we can expect from the rest of the EP and with it being a debut, gives us an insight into the musical identity of the duo. The second track “Drink It Away” is the single and perhaps my favourite song on the EP. It is very well written with strong melodies and effective backing vocals particularly in that catchy chorus. There are some fantastic lyrics and the vocals are particularly strong in this song.

The penultimate track “Where The Credits Roll” drops the tempo a little, it is more like a ballad. Again the melodies in this song are great and in the chorus we hear some strong vocal performances. The metaphors used throughout the song to signal the end of a relationship i.e. Credits Roll, Curtain Fall are really effective and the Backing vocals on the last chorus especially really help the song take flight. Last but not least the EP concludes with another upbeat track “Ghost Town.” The lyrics use very detailed imagery which is typical for a country song so it’s nice to hear that written well by the pair and once again their vocals can’t be faulted. Overall this is a very strong debut from the pair and I’m looking forward to watching them grow and thrive in the UK scene.

So folks get yourself to tomorrow nights EP launch at The Battersea Barge if you’re in that area. And let me know what release you’re most looking forward to hearing this month. Don’t forget Kaity Rae’s EP launch is on Friday 10th June at The Islington as well so it should be a great week for UK Country!

Thank You,

Just Zoe x


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