Interview with the lovely Molly Adele Brown!

“Live the life you have imagined”



Well with another festival just around the corner, I’m still reminiscing the good times that we had at Vamos Festival in Perth this year and one of the highlights of that festival for me was meeting this next artist, the wonderfully talented Molly Adele Brown! Molly has been performing at CMA Fest this past week and I’ve been hearing so many good things about her from my friends in Nashville. She comes across as having a bubbly personality that shines through in her music and she is a joy to watch perform and to chat to. I had the pleasure of interviewing her and her guitarist who was also a friendly guy who seemed to be loving life! Read on to find out what Molly had to say about her music.

Can you tell me a bit about your journey so far in music?

Yeah so I started in musical theatre when I was in middle school and danced when I was younger than that so I was always into theatre, then I went to study musical theatre, my goal was always broadway but in my junior year I thought, you know what I think I want to write music. All my teachers were like, are you kidding me? So I started to transition and I met up with this duo Nef and Jimmy and they have been the ones kind of leading me where to go and what to do so I transitioned at the end of my senior year fully into music and once I graduated I started diving into it head first and since then it’s been a whirlwind of a journey.

What did your parents play to you growing up and what are you listening to now?

Jimmy Buffett was on repeat every Sunday morning, I think my Dad gave us until 8am and then cheeseburger in paradise was the first thing we listened to. He’d be cooking bacon and we’d smell it and be like “ok we get it, we’re up” so he was into that and my mum was more into singer-songwriters, Dixie Chicks and stuff like that would be playing always, so I kind of had a dual influence from them. The Country side of things was a free loving feeling that the songs had, kind of happy music that you could just drink along to haha, of course not for me until I was 21 but you know what I’m saying.


What’s your writing process like, is it different every time and do you co-write? What influences your lyrics?

I do all co-writes, just because I feel like you can get more with two people than you can with one so I love it. Each time I find that it’s completely different. I like to almost watch how the other person approaches it because I can learn more from other people who have done it longer than I have and I can see what works and what doesn’t. I like writing the lyrics more and have people helping me with the music and chord progression and as far as where those lyrics come from it can be anything from influences around me to something someone said at the bar that I steal, so I start off with a line and build off that.

You mentioned you’re into musical theatre, what’s your favourite musical?

Bonnie and Clyde, it lasted on broadway for like the blink of an eye and nobody saw it except for me, it didn’t make it which broke my heart because it had some of the most amazing music that broadway has done. I loved it from start to finish, I loved the story, I loved everything about it and the way they approached it was awesome so that’s my favourite one that nobody knows. There’s also the mega big ones like you can’t not like Wicked! That one I’ve seen a bunch of times, Hairspray I’ve seen a bunch of times, there’s a lot of influence there.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever written a song about?

Boardy Barn! There’s this bar and it’s only open on Sundays and it’s one of the craziest bar’s I have ever been to in my life, it’s just a huge massive party and everyone just goes bonkers, I literally left there one day and was a little bit toasted and was like we need to write a song about Boardy Barn which turned into Summer Sunday’s which I have out but it’s not out and about all that much now but when I play it in my set it’s my favourite!

What are your mid-gig thoughts?

My mid-gig thoughts are all over, sometimes I’ll be focused on what I’m supposed to be doing and I find that if I get too caught up in that then I lose the fun in it so I like to take the other course and sit back and enjoy it so I can be thinking about anything from what’s the next song to I’m going to grab a drink after this, what do I want? Or there will be some fun story going through my mind or I’ll be looking at my band and wondering what they’re thinking about.

And what are you thinking about?

Lorenzo (guitarist): Nothing! Haha. I’m completely blank.


What’s next for you?

I’m playing CMA Festival, there’s so many amazing artists there so I’m so happy to be there. I’m thrilled that I’ve had the chance to play in Scotland, everyone’s been so nice.

Quote: I have a tattoo that says imagine and I used to have a bracelet and I got so upset because I lost it and it says live the life you have imagined and so I lost the bracelet four or five times and I kept crying overtime I lost it and my mum was like I can’t keep buying these bracelets, you need to stop losing them! So I turned 18 and my mum says “so what do you want for a tattoo, you’re sisters got some” so I thought I want to get the word Imagine so I don’t have to wear the bracelet and cry every time I lost it, it’s not going to go anywhere. So that’s the quote but if you need a secondary one there’s one that I put at the end of all my emails and it describes me to a tee is “turning mayhem into music and whiskey into wisdom!”

You know I love interviewing artists as they all have different influences and different paths that led them to where they are today. I hope we’ll see Molly back in the UK again soon and if you’re not familiar with her music then check out her website below, my favourite song of hers is Spook the Horses which is available on iTunes so go grab it! I really believe Molly is going to go far in Country music and I look forward to watching her career really take off!




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